Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whoops to Wow

On the same day that I plopped the natural clay  natural clay, I also got out the chalk, cheese graters, bucket of water and paper for some chalk shaving art. The children were all familiar with these materials so I just plopped this a ways away from the clay play and walked away.

When I returned a bit later to see how the chalk kids were doing, they were frustrated. The grater wasn't creating the usual shower of dried chalk.  The reason? They had gotten the chalk wet, and wet chalk just makes the cheese grater get all gummed up.

We decided to put the cheese graters away and just draw on paper with wet chalk as they had done a few weeks ago

As Bergen was dipping her chalk in the bucket she noticed that it made a mark on the bottom of the container  (these are VERY handy containers for smaller, individual messy tubs). 

The "whoops" and frustration of getting the chalk wet and the cheese grater all gummed up had turned into "wow" this is fun!  The cool water felt wonderful to the hands on this hot, hot morning. The chalk drew so incredibly smoothly on the plastic surface, and clean up was a sinch. Just rub your hand over your drawing and do it again!

Plop, then whoops to wow.  Words only a child-follower can truly understand!!