Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smashing Take 2

Today we added some goop to the smashing of the chalk -- the results were AMAZINGLY fun!!  Photos speak louder then words -- so enjoy!

Goop Recipe:

  • 4 boxes cornstarch (this is what I used today to make enough to step time I would even double that)
  • water
I add water a little at a time while the kids mix it with their hands.  Add slowly as to not add too much.  You have achieved goop when you shake the container and it looks like liquid, if you slap the goop it is hard, and then when you lightly rest your hand in it, your hand sinks.
Goop is a "non-neutonium" substance.  That's a big word for neither a liquid nor a solid -- and LOTS of fun!
Summer is the perfect time to experience goop with our FEET!  At the beginning
of our exploring, everyone lined up and took their turn to
walk across the goop.

The exploration got more fun once the line idea faded
and everyone just dug in!

BUT...starting with the line idea worked well for later, when the bucket
was full...everyone knew to just wait their turn patiently

Clean up is a sinch.  This is our purple clean up bucket.
It's always there for quick hand (and feet) washing

Notice Lindsey in the red shorts...she is 2 and just circled the bucket
and observed for the longest time (like an hour) before getting brave enough
to stick just one foot in!

Not only does a clean-up bucket make clean up
a lot also makes messy play less
intimidating for those reserved kiddos! When they know the "icky" can
immediately come off their hands or feet, it makes trying
something new a lot less scary!


Parker is trying to help Ty get "unstuck"'s not working so well!!
After getting Ty out of the goop, he immediately said
"Okay I'm going to lift you up"  To an adult's
eye, clearly Ty can not lift Parker...but he gave it 110% effort!!

At first I was pealing the excess goop off of feet
before they stepped out, but then, we realized goop was fun to
play with on the cement too!


A good pile of chalk mash


Spreading paint mash around with a paint brush

I just LOVE this photo!  LOOK at her feet!  She is having the time
of her life!  I think if I would have had opportunities like this
as a young child I wouldn't have such squirmish feet!  I can't even handle walking
on wet cement barefoot!!  (whimp...I know)

Little 2 yr. old Amelia was the first to mix the mashed chalk
with the goop. She is using a Dollar Tree ice cream scoop.  She had walked over
to the chalk mash, scooped some up then plopped it on a pile of goop.
She then added water (courtesy of the clean-up bucket) scoop
by scoop. She played with the concoction for at least an hour and she was
grinning from ear to ear the entire time!

Amelia demonstrating the two-scoop method of mixing goop and
chalk mush.  (I am SO thankful I have a job
where I can use words such as "goop" and "chalk mush")

Here is the layout of today's explorations.  In the forefront is Amelia and her
special mix and Lindsey is washing her feet. There is a group in the goop and a group mashing chalk.
Bergen (on the left) has just finised washing her feet and is heading over to mash. In the far distance they
are "painting" the police car with water. Everyone is content.
There is cooperation, communication and creativity going non-stop. 

A close up of Avery's feet...a sure sign of a great morning exploring!!

After observing the chalk mashing all day yesterday, and half the morning today...
Lindsey finally takes a shot at it.  I couldn't get the masher away from her! :)

One of my favorite parts of this combination of "stuff" is the ease of cleanup!  A simple swoosh over with the hose, and the driveway was ready for my husband to see!  I should have sent him a picture of it during the messy stage with a "whoops...sorry...hope it comes off!".  What is it with men and their driveways anyway?!  I don't get it.  To's a huge blank canvas for all sorts of unimaginable's a gray, unscathed pathway to the garage?

Go play already!