Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Monster Playdough

In a previous post Experience is the Best Way to Know, I talked about extending holidays past the actual day in order for children to have experiences to connect with activities. 

I was hoping the day after Halloween would bring with it some talk about being afraid, or seeing some scary costumes while out trick-or-treating.  WHY?  Because I  was hoping to have some "monster fun" this week!  WHY?  Because the monster books I have are a HIT with the kids, and monsters are just plain FUN!!  But, with that said, I am a believer in following the lead of young children....I sure love it when they lead me where I was hoping they would go!!

So playdough!!

It's VERY important to note that this Monster Playdough was presented to the children in my program as a "plop".  By that, I mean it was quietly placed on the table with NO direction from me what-so-ever.  I never once referred to this clump of playdough as "monster playdough".  I simply "plopped" it, and stepped back.  The children did the rest. 

If you do this same activity, don't be surprised if your children don't see "monsters" out of this!  It is quite possible they wont -- and THAT IS FINE!!  FOLLOW the children in your program...let them lead with THEIR ideas!!

Hide colorful googly eyes (I found mine at Michaels Craft) to
three batches of your best homemade playdough recipe
(I prefer two "lotion playdough" and one "original playdough"...the
lotion playdough is SO soft and doesn't dry out very doesn't
make your hands feel icky either....just add a glop of lotion to any playdough recipe
prior to mixing everything together and cooking)

Poke in some "monster teeth" (white golf tees)

Discovering the "monster teeth"

Great fine motor activity...I would add more teeth next time

The first eye is discovered!

"E" can feel an eye, but he....just.....can'! (notice the tongue!?)

It didn't take long for the monster building to begin!

Now THAT is a proud face!!

Monster books that we love:

If You're a Monster and You Know It  by Ed Emberly
There Was an Old Monster by Ed Emberly
Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberly
The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
The Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett

Now GO PLAY!! :)