Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I am Mad at You

The awesome thing about the following photo is not the good handwriting or the fact that this is the work of a 5 year old, with no adult help.
The awesome thing is that a young child expressed how she was feeling.  She recognized that she was mad.  She used words to express that fact. 

THAT is what is important about this photo.

 The incident was simple.  Five year old Bergen was drawing on the sidewalk.  Three year old Avery was scribbling over everthing Bergen was drawing. 

After several attempts to stop Avery with the words "Stop that!"  Bergen decided to try another method.

Did it work?



Avery is three.  She cannot read.

Was it still effective?


Bergen felt proud that she discovered another way to express herself.  It satisfied her enough that she left the chalk to go run and play something else.

With Bergen gone, and the realization that bugging someone makes them go away leaving you with no one to play with, Avery too ran off to play something else.

In the end, no one hit, no one tattled.  Discoveries were made.  Feelings and emotions were expressed.  One child felt proud of her new-found mode of expression.  Another learned that if you are going to bother someone, they will leave you and play with someone else.

THAT is what is important!