Friday, October 21, 2011

Let Them Play is looking for "Test Drivers"

I've just recently enjoyed a new journey in life and have co-authored a book with Jeff A. Johnson from Explorations Early Learning.  The book is titled, "Let Them Play, an Early Childhood UNcurriculum" and will be available through Redleaf Press in March 2012! 

Jeff and I are currently working on a new project, a book that will go along with our first, with a working title of "Let Them Play BIG".  This book will be full of play ideas that empower young children!  We are taking some old ideas and making them BIGGER, as well as loads of brand spanking new ideas!

We are looking for early childhood professionals willing to test drive some of the activities for "Let Them Play BIG".  Click HERE for a sneak peek of some of the activities that will be in the book...then, let us know if you would be willing to be a part of our "test kitchen"!  Keep checking back on our Facebook page, "Let Them Play" as we will continue to add teaser photos!

We would like the book to be very practical with tips on how to succesfully set up the various activities in a broad range of environments with young children in various stages of development.

If you are interested, either leave a message on the facebook page, OR send me an email to !

Go Play!!