Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simple and Inexpensive "Tie Dying"

I discovered a fairly simple way for young children to get a "tyed dyed" effect on fabric.  We painted pirate bandanas,  New Pirate Ideas (at least new for us!) but I would think this method would work on just about anything and is very inexpensive.

I put all the paint color choices in another container to help with spillage
on the uneven grass.  I would do the same if we would have done
this inside.  The cups in a container are ALMOST "guaranteed" not
to spill!  (almost)

All you need are:
  • small bottles of acrylic paint.  I used the brand that is $0.57 a bottle and it worked magnifiscently. 
  • small cups or containers to put the paint in
  • water
  • paint brushes
What you do:
  •  fill the paint containers 3/4 of the way with water.
  • Add a good squirt of acrylic paint
  • stir with the paintbrush (it will look like colored milk)
  • paint fabric of choice (remember acrylic paints stain and do not wash off, so remind parents to send their children in PLAY CLOTHES)
  • air dry until completely dry
  • put in the dryer with an unimportant towel (not sure if you have to do this or not, but I did and the results were great)
  • wash alone the first few times to make sure the paint won't run
Ta dah!
As you can see, I do not use paint/messy shirts.  In the past I
have used old adult t-shirts...but less face it, those are hard for a young
child to move in. I now put trust in my parents that they will dress
their children in TRUE play clothes that can get messy without

Remember to allow the child to decide the color choices and placement. They decide when
they are finished as well. Never underestimate the value in such a simple project.  The eye-hand coordination
needed to paint where it is white is pretty advanced. Ever notice how a two year old applies paint in the same
spot ALL the time?!  It's because their eye-hand coordination is a work in progress!

Two year olds can EASILY do this!