Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

Raise your hand if you have ever yelled at a child. 

If you are sitting at your computer right now with your hands tucked neatly at your side, well...good for you.  But, if you are like the majority of adults who have ever spent a significant amount of time with children, you have, at one time, yelled at a child.  Whether it was your child, or someone elses is beside the point of this blog.  The question is quite simple.  Have you ever yelled at a child?

If (and likely, yes you have) you have, then the following picture may give you some insight as to yelling's affectiveness on a brand-new four year old.

While we were picking up toys today, these pictures were discovered under the pile of toys on the table. 

Two almost IDENTICAL pictures.  Hmmmmm..... these are important to some one.  Someone felt it necessary to draw this not once...but twice.

After identifying the artist I asked him to tell me about the pictures. 

The tale was short, humorous....and then, quite eye opening.

I started with the picture on the left when I questioned my little Picasso.  His response:

"That's my mom."

ME:  "What is mom doing?"


ME: (holding back laughter) "What about this picture?  Tell me about this one"

"Oh.  That's my dad.  He's yelling too."

I know this family well.  They have four children, this child is the youngest.  I know the older children and am not surprised by this masterpiece! :) you have it.  In the eyes of a four year old...yelling is nothing but a bunch of scribbles which, in my mind translates to "BLAH BLAH BLAH"

The lesson:  Yelling at a young child is a waste of time....all they hear is scribble (blah), scribble (blah), scribble (blah).