Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspire Imagination with Curiosity...part 1

Imagination cannot be forced.

Imagination needs to be inspired, motivated, encouraged and supported.  Imagination needs sparks, space, time and boundless freedom!

Inspire imagination with curiosity!

The children were so excited when they arrived one morning to find the following on the floor. 
One child came to me with hands on hips in a "who did it" sort of way and said
"NITA!  Someone put numbers on the floor!!"

Curiosity may be the demise of some cats, but it inspires imaginations in young children!   Curiosity lets the mind run free with wonder and questions.  Curiosity motivates the mind to think of the possibilities.

The following is a scene the children walked into about a month after the previous photo.  They already knew what we would do with those numbers on the floor...but there was still plenty to be curious about!  WHY?!

So then...have I peaked your curiosity?  Are you curious as to what these numbers on the floor are all about?

You'll have to wait for PART 2 to find out!!

Good news!!  Inspire Imagination with Curiosity...part 2 is ready!