Thursday, May 24, 2012

Set Those Piggies Free!

Feet want to join in the fun too!

Messy play doesn't have to be reserved for the upper half of the body only.  Feet want to join in the fun too!  

Whenever it's possible, and safe, we ditch our shoes and socks.  I know this is not always easy for everyone to do...but honestly, if and when you can.. please do it!  Let those piggies breathe and explore the world!  There is something so beyond exciting when toes get to be messy too!

I know what you might be thinking, but there are no worries here.  Avery is simply exploring what we know as "goop" (ooblick to some of you).  It's a mixture of cornstarch and water.  When it's at it's best form it is both a solid (when hit or squeezed hard) and a liquid (when treated gently).  When it dries, it becomes powdery and is easily brushed out of hair and clothing.

Now these are some happy feet!
This beats going to market or bringing home the roast beef any day!
Wind and goop makes for a new adventure!

Ever played with goop on a windy day?  Wind adds to the fun without adding to the worry!  Goop cleans up so easily, it doesn't really matter what it gets on!  Once dried, it is a powder that is easily brushed out of hair and out of clothing!

The kids LOVED the mess the combination of wind and goop made rather QUICKLY!

  Control the environment so the children are able to then control their own play!  The purple hand washing bucket is just a short distance away to offer security to those that love to get messy, but need to know the opportunity for comfortable clean hands is a few short moments away!

We need to give children opportunities to practice important life skills!  Skills like sharing, cooperating, self control and problem solving all can be polished through fantastic messy play!

  Notice how the children have organized themselves?!  YES!  Cooperating and collaboration are life-long skills!

Not everyone likes to get messy!

It is very important to add tools to the environment when messy play is involved.  This allows not only for more exploration, it also gives those that are anti-messy a stress-free way to join the fun!

Always supply tools for messy play!
In addition to adding tools, remember to think of the sensitive child when organizing the environment.
That all important hand-washing bucket is a must for some children.  I have found (as is the case with the child in the following photo) the hand washing bucket gives slow to adapt, sensitive and unsure children the confidence they need to dig in and try messy play.  With MUCH success!

Jack finds great security in the purple hand-washing bucket.  5 months ago, he would not even touch playdough.  Now, he is a sensory play addict!  Thanks to the safety net that a little bucket of water can supply.

What do you do if goop gets on your knee?  Put your knee in the handwashing bucket of course!

Those little piggies want to do more then just go to market!  Let them explore the world whenever you can!!